SINGAPORE: Passengers exiting 16 central metro stations before 07.45 will get the rail section of their journey free of charge under a one-year trial which Land Transport Authority is to launch on June 24.

Passengers exiting between 07.45 and 08.00 will be given a discount of up to S$0·50. To qualify for free travel, the journey must not begin at any of the 16 designated stations.

The government-funded trial aims to encourage commuters to travel before the busiest times, helping to reduce overcrowding. It is a widening of an existing SMRT Early Travel Discount scheme which offers discounts for travel to 14 stations before 07.45. Off-peak users can also accumulate points for rewards under the 'Incentives for Singapore's Commuters' scheme.

LTA and AECOM are also working to assist employers in the development of flexible working arrangements such as staggered hours, the introduction of IT facilities for remote working and the provision of showers and lockers to encourage 'active travel'.