Riyadh prepares for the launch of the highly anticipated 2020 Railway Forum

The Railway Forum 2020

Under the Patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud the Saudi Railways Company (SAR) in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport will hold the 2020 Railway Forum at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Riyadh on January 28 and 29.


The forum is the first of its kind for the Kingdom’s flourishing railway sector. It constitutes a unique platform for exploring modern technologies, engaging with experts in the field, and meeting influential figures who are shaping its future. This will be made possible through the participation of an elite group of transport ministers and executives from around the world, as well as experts from international and regional bodies and representatives of local and international companies.

Commenting on the upcoming forum, Dr. Bashar bin Khalid Al-Malik, CEO of SAR said: ’The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is holding this major event, so that everyone can share the latest developments, success stories and achievements in the railway industry. It will also shed light on the Kingdom’s active role in this field, both on the regional and international levels, while highlighting the growing importance of this industry in terms of adoption of latest technologies, investment opportunities and its overall impact on the economy, tourism and logistical services in the region, in line with Vision 2030.’

Locally, the forum aims to shed light on the development and growth of the railway industry, and to provide excellent investment opportunities while highlighting the Kingdom’s role as a key player in regional logistic services. This is one of the main objectives and pillars of Saudi Vision 2030. Globally, the forum aims to place the Kingdom’s railway industry on the world map by bringing together leaders in the field from around the globe, in a bid to create exceptional investment opportunities through a forum that includes a group of international companies specialized in the field of transportation. It is also meant to serve as a platform to exchange ideas, experiences and to discuss pivotal topics related to the field.

The forum seeks to establish a solid base of relationships between global pioneers in the railway industry, in order to provide a diverse reference and to enhance the experiences local talents in the transport industry. It will help widen foreign and local investment horizons, by introducing new ideas and attracting successful investors.

The 2020 Railway Forum notably features a set of workshops meant to exchange technical knowledge on railway issues, with the participation of a group of key local and international experts and executives who talk about infrastructure, new technologies and services, safety systems, investment opportunities, solutions among other topics. The forum includes an exhibition on the railway industry, during which a group of key players from the region and around the world will showcase their latest products and achievements in the field. This event concludes with an introductory tour for specialists and those interested to get acquainted with the existing and future activities of the sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.