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Film Laminated Metal is a versatile material used in a lot of applications in our daily lives such as wall panels, ceilings, wet units, doors, counters, furniture etc. DOBEL® F 105 Aluminum is perfect for train interiors. It can be bent, stretched, stressed and used for years without any loss of performance or looks. The strength and shapeability together with design features in foils, inspires designers to be creative in form while retaining both functional and safety properties.

DOBEL® F 105 Aluminum meets the criteria for the highest level of fire safety in accordance with EN 45545-2: 2013 requirements R1, HL3.

Products within the DOBEL® range has been a successful choice for various interior applications in the marine sector for decades, and also in the construction sector for many years.

– Part of the challenge when designing and building train wagon interiors, is allowing freedom in design while retaining both functional and safety properties, says Ingemar Forsberg, CEO at Metalcolour.

For instance, all materials used must have a certified ability to reduce spreading of fire and structural strength to withstand physical impact.

– Safety is of course the highest priority and therefore the DOBEL® F105 series of material is tested and certified according to the highest standards in safety, Ingemar continues.



Since 1973 Metalcolour has been highly committed to and focused on delivering value to clients in defined segments.

– Our size and production set up makes it possible to offer a superior service and we are setting a market standard for fast delivery, by employing a flexible and 100% customer focused production and service approach, Ingemar explains while he’s guiding us through a short tour at the production facility in Ronneby, Sweden.

Utilizing the resources in their specialized production and working with carefully selected co-producers, Metalcolour is able to provide innovative solutions that reduce cost and create value to the clients.

All details in the production line, raw materials and logistical services are carefully monitored in order to ensure the highest quality in products and services.

Metalcolour has a strong European presence, now strengthened by Metalcolour ASIA with its production line and office in Singapore.



Metalcolour stands for flexibility, innovation and high quality – three values that permeate their work while also being the secret to their success.

Flexibility can be handling an impossible assignment against all odds or handling the enquiries and situations that seem unreasonable at first. Metalcolours success is greatly based on a flexible organization and loyal employees. If they need to add a shift to be able to handle a delivery, they simply do that.

Innovation is the power and desire that continually drives the company forward and the energy that makes them desire and dare a little more. Innovation is both thinking fresh and thinking smart – How can an existing product be improved? How can a known technique be used in a new, creative way? How can two techniques be combined?

High quality is not a product benefit. It is an absolute must – for the raw material, each step of the production process and for the end result.

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