The Intelligent Journey

Reliable connectivity has become an ‘expected norm’. When people are away from their home or office, being constantly connected is simply expected. Digital technology is all around us, covering all aspects of our everyday lives, and the perception is: ‘why should it stop when we step onto a train?’

Enabling the Connected Vehicle

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The connected vehicle combines a shared and secure network infrastructure to which all authorised onboard systems and passenger devices may connect and interact. The Internet of Things is a driving force behind new innovative technology. The idea of onboard devices communicating with each other and with the outside world while maintaining a seamless passenger experience is key. By adopting industry standards, operators can be assured of a functionally rich, future-proof platform to deploy new applications and services for their passengers while collecting and exchanging data, allowing everyone to be more connected than ever before.

The vision remains relevant today

Now, the opportunity is not just to connect the passengers but also the operators, maintainers, and onboard staff. Connecting to a wider base of stakeholders plays a valuable role in enriching the passenger experience by responding to market needs and solving connectivity challenges. Passengers are crucial to the operating companies, yet vehicle guards, drivers, conductors, caterers, and maintainers all enhance the passenger experience. Bringing together passenger connectivity, information and entertainment will transform a passengers’ experience.

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A real-time end-to-end solution

New onboard infotainment and rail entertainment solutions can greatly enhance the passenger experience by integrating real-time journey information and media entertainment, on a single platform, for a new experience in passenger information delivery. Providing rail operators with a real-time end-to-end solution – which integrates numerous onboard systems is an ever-increasing priority. This enables operators to perform real-time analysis onboard, automatically issue alerts of impending equipment failures and feed the relevant information in real-time to their passengers. Keeping passengers informed with the latest journey information is still considered one of the top three biggest challenges facing operators. It also remains high in passenger complaints when things go wrong. Increasing and maintaining customer satisfaction through communication is key.

Investment in the latest technology

Over and above journey information, other digital services are increasingly becoming more important, from both the providers of such services and the passengers themselves. Live news, weather, infotainment, commercials, media programming etc., delivered directly to passengers as part of their journeys presents huge opportunities to improve customer experience.

Nomad has invested heavily, using the latest technologies and insight from its market-leading position, to bring about the next generation of digital solutions. Using the connected vehicle as an enabler, solutions can be driven from the same IP platform, providing a seamless integration of content, advertising, and journey information.

Completely focused on a seamless experience

Nomad is completely focused on a seamless, straightforward customer experience and passenger journey. Our expertise and knowledge allow passengers to receive world-class connectivity regardless of location and the number of users. This can range from a simple connection to a fully-managed, prioritised service.

What’s next?

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Nomad Digital is the world’s leading provider of passenger and fleet-management digital solutions. Offering a comprehensive solutions portfolio to both operators and builders that facilitates a significantly enhanced passenger experience. The integration of Nomad’s products and services into the on-train environment improves levels of passenger satisfaction. Nomads mission is: ‘to be the world leader in connected transport, renowned for continuous innovation of technology and provision of quality solutions to deliver the intelligent journey.’

The capabilities of onboard connectivity are endless and coming out of the pandemic will allow boundaries to be pushed with technology. Nomad is excited to see what the future holds.

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