Israel’s state-owned principal railway company, signed an agreement to purchase 10 Rail Vision Main Line Systems and related services for $1.4 million.


The rail industry is about to witness a remarkable transformation, as Israeli Railways, the country’s state-owned primary railway company, recently signed a deal to purchase 10 Rail Vision Main Line Systems and related services worth $1.4 million. This announcement is a huge step forward for Rail Vision, a technology company that is dedicated to revolutionizing railway safety and data management through the use of advanced technologies such as electro-optical sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) systems. These systems have been designed specifically to cater to the needs of shunting yards, passenger trains, and freight trains.

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Shahar Hania, the CEO of Rail Vision, spoke about the selection process of the Rail Vision Main Line System by Israeli Railways. He mentioned that the system was chosen after a thorough evaluation of various advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that lasted for a year. The system performed exceptionally well in testing, and the CEO sees this as a testament to the trust the rail industry has in the company’s other pilot programs.

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The Main Line System of Rail Vision offers long-range obstacle detection, up to 2 km, under various weather conditions and light situations. The system uses AI and deep learning technologies to identify and alert the train’s command center of any obstacles on or near the tracks, including humans, vehicles, or animals which helps to prevent collisions and improve train operations, ensuring the safety of passengers and train engineers.

The CEO of Rail Vision believes that the conversion of pilot programs into commercial contracts will increase in the near future. He believes this innovative technology can enhance railway safety globally and help bring autonomous trains to new levels of achievement. This technology will benefit all stakeholders involved in the rail industry, from passengers to those delivering goods and services.

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For rail operators, implementing Rail Vision systems will bring numerous benefits. The system will provide real-time information and data essential for the efficient operation of the rail network and its business continuity. It will help rail operators improve their services, making them faster and more reliable. The Main Line System will also help rail operators reduce operating costs, making rail services more cost-effective and accurate.

In conclusion, the purchase of 10 Rail Vision Main Line Systems and related services by Israeli Railways is a major milestone for both the rail industry and Rail Vision as a company. The Main Line System of Rail Vision is an innovative solution that has the potential to revolutionize railway safety and data management.


The use of AI and deep learning technologies in the system ensures that rail operators receive real-time information and data, helping to prevent accidents, improve train traffic, and enhance safety. This technology will benefit all stakeholders involved in the rail industry, including passengers, rail operators, and suppliers of goods and services. It will help pave the way for the future of autonomous train operations.