Photo: Vladimir Waldin

RUSSIA: Moscow-based Metrogiprotrans has won two contracts for preliminary design work for extensions of the St Petersburg metro.

A 140m rouble contract covers the first phase of the circular Line 7. This would serve stations at Bolshoy Prospekt-2 (interchange with Line 4), Vasileostrovskaya-2 (interchange with Line 3), Sportivnaya-2 (interchange with Line 5), Petrogradskaya-2 (interchange with Line 2), Kantemirovskaya and Lesnaya-2 (interchange with Line 1). Metrogiprotrans beat bids from Lenmetrogiprotrans and RusGidro.

A separate 47·5m rouble contract covers the southern extension of Line 1 from Prospekt Veteranov to Pulkovo Airport with an intermediate station at Ulyanka.

Metrogiprotrans is currently engaged in preliminary planning for the northern extension of Line 6.