BELARUS: The Stadler Minsk joint venture of Stadler and Belkommunmash has unveiled a 100% low-floor 1 524 mm gauge tram in Minsk. The vehicle is designated Type 853 for the unidirectional and 85300M for the bidirectional variant, and is based on the Belkommunmash 843/84300M which is in operation in Minsk, Kazan and St Petersburg.

Both variants are 26·7 m long and 2 500 mm wide with a minimum floor height of 370 mm and a maximum axleload of 10 tonnes. The vehicle is clad with aluminium body panels. Maximum speed is 75 km/h and the tram has four traction motors.

The bidirectional version has a capacity of 196 passengers including 60 seated, and the unidirectional version has capacity for 234 passengers including 70 seated. There are four sets of 1 300 mm wide doors per vehicle. Seating is in a 2+2 arrangement throughout, with two spaces for wheelchairs, bicycles or pushchairs per vehicle.

The tram is designed to operate in temperatures between -40°C and 40°C, with air-conditioning and high-performance heaters.