KUCHING: Sarawak Metro Sdn Bhd’s ongoing tender exercise for the Kuching Urban Transportation System (KUTS) Project’s System Package 1 has received encouraging response from industry players.

4 February, 2022

According to Sarawak Metro, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC), this was an expected outcome as there was a lot of interest generated from its rolling stock vendor registration exercise that was conducted in mid-2021.

Last year, Sarawak Metro advertised in both international and national publications calling for companies to register as rolling stock vendors and the response was very encouraging, attracting the attention of companies from around the globe.

Sarawak Metro also anticipated that these companies would likely establish a partnership with local players and this in turn will provide a potential platform for the transfer of technology, which will greatly benefit the industry in Sarawak.

System Package 1 of the KUTS Project includes the supply of rolling stock (Hydrogen Vehicle), Depot Equipment & Maintenance Vehicle, Signalling & Control System and Automatic Platform Gate.

The contract to the successful bidder is expected to be awarded by the second quarter of this year, while the commencement of engineering works on the KUTS Project is scheduled by the third quarter of 2022.

It also assured that the selection of successful bidders will be thoroughly evaluated, to ensure the project achieves its objectives.

Sarawak Metro is committed towards conducting a stringent and comprehensive evaluation process to ensure that only the best will be engaged in delivering this noble project, which aims to alleviate the traffic congestion in Greater Kuching as well as modernise and decarbonise the city’s public transport system.

The development of the KUTS Project will be conducted in phases; Phase 1 will involve the development of two lines, namely the Samarahan Line, which covers a distance of about 28km from Rembus to the city centre, and the Serian Line (24km) from Batu 12 to the Isthmus.

Currently, pre-engineering works for the KUTS Project are still ongoing, which include traffic surveys, soil investigation, geotechnical works and underground utility mapping; undertaken along the alignment of the two lines.

The passenger service for the Automated Rapid Transit (ART) will be introduced in stages, starting from Q4 2025.

The development of the KUTS project is seen as a ‘game-changer’, and as such Sarawak Metro is committed in improving mobility in the city and at the same time assisting to realise the State’s hydrogen economy agenda as well as addressing the issue of climate change.

For media enquiries, please contact the Sarawak Metro Corporate Communication team:

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