Moscow tram PK TS Vityaz

RUSSIA: Moscow has taken delivery of the first four of the latest generation of PK TS Vityaz-M trams, ordered under a 30-year contract which covers the supply and maintenance of 74 three-section and 40 single-section vehicles.

Features include supercapacitors which are expected to reduce traction power consumption by up to 30%; a narrower gearbox which provides a 5% increase in the width of the aisle, adding 65 mm in front and rear sections, and 240 mm in the intermediate section; uprated but quieter air-conditioning; heated entrances to prevent cold air from entering the passenger areas; an updated driver’s console with high-resolution screens; and sensors and facial recognition systems to monitor the presence of passengers near the doors to help optimise operations.

There is also the possibility of adding a driver assistance system as a step towards potential automation.