us Rochester NY RTS electric bus

USA: Ticketing technology company Masabi has worked with Regional Transit Service in Rochester, New York, to deploy what it says is the first account-based ticketing system powered by an off-the-shelf, MaaS-enabled fare payments-as-a-service platform.

The RTS Go fare payment system, which is based on Masabi’s Justride platform, enables passengers to use a smart card or mobile app to tap-in, travel and then be charged the best price for their journey, with automatic fare capping.

Masabi said the deployment was ‘a turning point in the fare collection industry’, with the off-the-shelf platform meaning transport authorities no longer need to purchase bespoke ticketing systems.

‘This deployment is the beginning of the end for the traditional fare collection industry as we know it, with full fare payment systems delivering agencies of all sizes the latest fare payment innovations as a service, quickly and for a fraction of the cost of bespoke systems’, said Masabi CEO Brian Zanghi.

‘At the same time, fare payments-as-a-service is helping agencies keep up with the pace of technology change with constantly improving features and functionality, including the foundations for MaaS. It’s a genuine win-win for both riders and agencies and will be the de facto way agencies run their fare payment systems.’