Blackpool Flexity tram and bus

UK: TES Communication Solutions is to replace the analogue radio equipment on Blackpool Transport Services’ tram and bus fleets with a digital system.

This will include ‘independent and resilient’ wide-area voice and data backhaul infrastructure to provide continuity of operations in the event of power cuts or cellular outages.

BTS will be able to use a multi-terminal digital control desk to monitor and manage the vehicle fleet, ensuring efficient operatioons during roadworks, diversions or breakdowns.

Each vehicle will have a new onboard radio installed, and inspectors will be equipped with mobile devices to allow them to communicate by voice and data to the main control desk or directly to vehicles.

A dedicated control channel will prioritise emergency calls, allowing for help and assistance to be arranged immediately, while all emergency calls are recorded.

The enhanced system will also have the potential to allow Blackpool Transport buses to communicate with the control centre when operating out of the greater Blackpool and Fylde area, allowing the operator to provide more long distance services such as rail replacement buses.

Similar technology has already been installed by TES Communication Solutions on the West Midlands Metro tram network, and the company has also supplied communications systems to Manchester Metrolink and customers in Taiwan and Guatemala.