Alstom Citadis tram in Strasbourg.

TICKTING: The Calypso Networks Association has announced the completion of the first deployment of the HCE Calypso Interoperable Application. This enables transport authorities to provide Calypso ticketing using host card emulation software on Android smartphones, greatly expanding the range of devices which passengers can use to tap and pay or to top-up Calypso-based smart cards.

The ticketing application also has the potential to work on other Calypso systems, with Calypso’s Hoplink application enabling passengers to buy and hold tickets for other transport networks on their Android device.

The first deployment is with Strasbourg operator CTS and was undertaken by Wizway Solutions.

‘HCE is typically less secure than a contactless smart card or a secure element’, said Philippe Vappereau, CEO of the Calypso Networks Association. ‘Therefore, specific security requirements, such as rotating cryptographic keys in the Calypso readers, are necessary to implement a secure application such as Calypso HCIA and achieve a higher level of security acceptable to transport operators and authorities.’