Calypso ticket gates

TICKETING: Contactless ticketing body the Calypso Networks Association has published a handbook describing the role, content and governance of its smart ticketing standards, along with a guide to support transport authorities and operators in drafting tenders for cards, NFC mobile ticketing and terminals.

CNA was established to develop, maintain and manage the Calypso smart ticketing standard, and its membership is made up of transport authorities and operators. The non-profit association aims to ensure scalability, interoperability and vendor independence.

The handbook is designed to addresses questions on the total cost of ownership, including how Calypso technology helps transport operators and authorities control finances throughout a ticketing system’s lifecycle, along with key Calypso facts and figures, an overview of the Calypso offering and benefits for different parties in the ticketing value chain and information on participation.

The tendering guide offers support when drafting calls for tenders that will ensure durability, compatibility and scalability, including radio frequency requirements and certifications for contactless cards, mobile ticketing security and terminal software requirements