Singapore Malaysia RTS viaduct impression

ASIA: Siemens Mobility has been formally awarded the contract to design, install and commission what it says will be the first communications-based train control deployment on a cross-border line.

The contract covers the provision of Trainguard MT CBTC to support GoA4 unattended automatic operation on the 4 km Johor Bahru – Singapore Rapid Transit metro which will link Singapore with Malaysia, along with platform screen doors for the two stations.

‘We are delighted to have the opportunity to provide our state-of-the-art signalling technology for this important regional project that will deliver a vital transportation link for the almost 300 000 people who cross the Malaysian-Singapore border daily for work’, said Andre Rodenbeck, CEO of Rail Infrastructure at Siemens Mobility, on August 19.

‘The RTS Link will be the first ever cross-border system to be equipped with CBTC technology, which will allow it to operate with superior availability, reliability and passenger experience, and further underscores our leading position in the field for delivering automated signalling systems.’