Thales SMRT

SINGAPORE: Metro operator SMRT Trains and Thales are to collaborate in the use of data analytics, artificial intelligence and other digital technologies to support maintenance and operations on the North-South and East-West lines.

Thales said efficiently mining data from control, supervision and communication systems would enable SMRT to benefit from reduced fault identification times, automatic diagnosis and pre-emptive intervention.

SMRT’s engineering teams are to provide examples of problems which the operator would like addressing, while Thales will bring its expertise in digital systems and data analytics.

‘We are excited to work towards developing a data-based approach to improve our train lines’ reliability, as well as to take another step in transforming SMRT Trains into an information-rich and fully digitalised company’, said the operator’s President Lam Sheau Kai. ‘With SMRT’s experience in operating and maintaining train networks and Thales’ expertise in signalling systems, the collaboration will enhance the efficiency of our rail maintenance regime.’