GERMANY: Hannover city transport operator Üstra and IVU Traffic Technologies have signed a co-operation agreement aimed at developing and testing software for public transport operators.

IVU product developers would work on site with Üstra’s IT department to identify early needs and develop products. IVU says that working closely with the operator will mean that the products could be tested more quickly. Successful developments could in future be rolled out to other IVU customers.

‘With the co-operation agreement, we can become more involved in product development and contribute to defining industry-wide standards’, said Üstra CEO André Neiß. ‘In doing this, we gain access to the newest developments, with which we can continuously improve our offering to our customers.’

‘With this co-operation agreement, we gain first-hand industry know-how, we see more quickly what solutions are needed by transport operators, and we can take that into account in our standard system’, said IV COO Matthias Rust.