Lille metro train lighting

FRANCE: Lille operator Transpole has replaced the halogen lamps on its light metro trains with Mafelec M-Light ML5-1/170 multifunctional LED lighting units, reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.

The trains previously had a separate white headlight, white marker light and red tail lights at each end. The onboard electrical system which had been designed for the halogen lamps did not allow for plug-and-play replacement with LEDs, as reversal of the train’s travel direction caused a reversal of polarity. In response, Mafelec designed an intermediate box which could be installed in place of the three bulbs to avoid the need for costly modifications to the wiring.

The installation of LEDs has reduced the lighting system’s power consumption by about 70%, and the service life has been increased 20-fold from a few months to about 10 years.