Calypso hardware

INTERNATIONAL: Ticketing standards body the Calypso Networks Association has announced technical updates intended to enhance trust, reliability and accessibility.

  • Calypso Basic has been launched to offer a low-cost secure contactless ticket, avoiding magnetic stripes, barcodes, QR codes and proprietary solutions to cater for more occasional travellers and tourists;
  • Calypso Prime PKI has been launched to offer a single card for interoperable public transport ticketing and MaaS, reducing costs for operators, working across card-centric and account-based ticketing infrastructure;
  • a full certification scheme is available for card, mobile and terminals, with a list of approved cards available;
  • Prime Extended and Prime PKI capabilities are being brought to the Eclipse Keyple open-source SDK, which is already used by over a dozen transport networks to modify software without having to wait or pay for manufacturers to do it;
  • an Open Secure Application Module is being developed to make it easier to implement new features.

‘CNA is dedicated to ensuring that networks have control over their smart ticketing ecosystem and can create a sustainable framework for the future’, said CNA Chair Gianluca Cuzzolin.

‘As passenger behaviours evolve and new mobility options integrate with existing public transport infrastructure, it’s more critical that networks can offer flexible ticketing and MaaS for all.’