UK: More than 470 exhibitors are taking part in the 13th Railtex trade show being held at the National Exhibition Centre on May 9-11.


Now part of France’s CIM Groupe, Mechan will be showing its range of heavy lifting jacks, underfloor systems and other depot equipment.

Rosehill Rail will be showcasing its new Interlocking RRAP level crossing system, which has been specifically designed to accommodate irregular sleeper spacings and is quick to install.

Rowe Hankins will be presenting its latest speed sensor technology, as part of its range of on-train and trackside safety products. The multi-channel wireless sensors are the latest evolution in a range of safety-critical units to measure speed and direction, which have been adopted by a number of vehicle manufacturers and operators.

As well as a range of auxiliary and at-seat power supply systems, Turbo Power Systems will be displaying its award-winning 100 kW DC-DC high-voltage Power Converter Module. This lightweight converter is available as a stand-alone unit or for integration into a rail vehicle’s propulsion or auxiliary circuits, and can be tailored to meet specific requirements in terms of input and output voltages and cooling configuration.

Connectivity and networking specialist Harting will be showing its latest Modular Industry Computer Architecture for rail applications, which will be demonstrated with an RFID reading system for both platform and train-mounted applications. The compact and robust MICA unit has been designed for harsh industrial and railway environments, and is resistant to dust, moisture and temperature fluctuations, making it virtually maintenance-free. Harting will also be showing its established range of connectors, including Ethernet backbone communications using the Han Modular heavy-duty industrial connectors, rugged unmanaged Ethernet switches and M12 circular connectors.

Ixthus Instrumentation and Riftek will be showing a range of laser measurement and gauging systems, including portable units which can be used for maintenance and inspection tasks, assessing wheel diameter, profile and back-to-back measurements as well as brake disc condition. The latest Riftek IKP-5 wheel profile measuring system is available with mountings to suit standard wheels as well as low-floor trams, and has a Bluetooth interface to transfer data for external storage and analysis.

Sulzer will be demonstrating its expertise in servicing and maintaining rotating equipment including traction motors and armatures, traction coils, commutators, impellers, fans, auxiliary motors and bogie modules. The company is currently refurbishing bogie frames for London’s Docklands Light Railway and has established a network of 24-hour Service Centres to ensure short lead times.

Flexicon will be showcasing its range of flexible conduit systems, which have been approved by Network Rail for signalling and infrastructure applications, including revised cable protection for requirements prone to flooding or prolonged immersion.

Another new exhibitor at Railtex, Unitrunk will be showing its LU and NR approved cable management systems, including the re-engineered EasyConnect cable basket for signalling installations and the rapid-installation cable trunking in stainless steel for maximum protection against weathering and corrosion.

Cembre will be showing its 36 V battery rail drill and broach cutter, along with its latest Fast Clip machine which incorporates a power optimisation system to reduce noise and fuel consumption.

ZF Services UK will be promoting its range of vehicle drives, as well as its aftermarket service for bogie, wheelset and traction motor overhauls. ZF will be showing its EcoWorld six-speed transmission system for diesel traction with an integrated reversing function and the Get2 Rail Drive for electric applications.

Hoppecke Industrial Batteries will be unveiling its latest energy storage innovations at Railtex 2017, including a lithium-ion unit with a built-in power management system to control the battery temperature. This has been fitted to the DE60C hybrid shunting locomotive developed by Gmeinder in Germany, enabling fuel savings of around 40% and helping to reduce CO2 emissions.