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EUROPE: Technotrans is to provide customised cooling systems for the lithium-ion traction power batteries which will be fitted to 55 Flirt Akku trainsets which Stadler is building for use in Schleswig-Holstein, as well as 24 of the 35 Flirt multiple-units to be supplied for use in south Wales.

Schleswig-Holstein transport authority NAH.SH has awarded Stadler a contract to supply a fleet of Flirt Akku battery-powered multiple-units.

‘We have developed a customised mobile cooling system which ensures a constant temperature level and, thereby, the reliable and efficient operation of the trains’, said Technotrans CEO Michael Finger.

‘In addition, we have optimised the system in terms of its energy efficiency and operational reliability by integrating an economical, passive cooling solution and a redundant refrigeration and hydraulic circuit.

’The projects are an excellent opportunity to further expand our leading market position in the rail sector. We think there is a high probability for follow-up orders of a comparable magnitude.’