POLAND: Rolling stock manufacturer Newag is using two Type 15D diesel locomotives to test paint supplied by Lankwitzer Lackfabrik which incorporates Covestro’s Desmodur Eco N 7300 coating hardener made from renewable raw materials.

‘The coating formulated with this product performs just as well as a conventional coatings, but uses primarily renewable resources’, said Julia Hellenbach of Covestro's Coatings, Adhesives and Specialties business. ‘70% of the carbon in this polyurethane raw material comes from biomass.’

The EVOClear 294/PH 94-0000 coating is sprayed like a standard petrochemical clearcoat. Testing suggests that it offers better abrasion resistance and gloss stability than standard products, with good resistance to graffiti cleaning agents. Long-term weathering testing is now underway.

'A coating manufacturer's first priority is to fulfil the customer's specifications', said Mateusz Fedko, project manager at Newag. 'If the coating offers added value on top of that, as is the case here, it gives us a very good opportunity to set ourselves apart from the competition.'