AUSTRIA: Europten has taken delivery of the first two of three Plasser & Theurer MTW 100.216 motor tower cars for use on electrification and maintenance projects in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The MTW is a designed for overhead contact line installation inspection and maintenance, and can transport materials and people at up to 100 km/h powered by a 440 kW EU Stage V diesel engine.

Development of the MTW was originally driven in part by Europten’s predecessor company in the 1980s, and so far the contractor has purchased a total of 20, as well taking a long-term lease on the HTW 100 E³ diesel-battery hybrid version which has been used on projects including the Ceneri Base Tunnel.

The 19 m long vehicles handed over on January 20 have a hydraulic lifting platform for working at heights up to 8 m, with two platforms which can be extended laterally by up to 4 m. There is a loading crane at one end with a reach of up to 18 m above the track and, with hydraulic supports, up to 14 m laterally. In working mode, the machine can be moved both from the personnel basket and the work platform.

There is an integrated air-conditioned workshop cabin with a work bench, kitchenette, table and seating for up to eight people.

Other features include a contact wire and carrying cable holding device, a pantograph for earthing, and an alignment positioning tower to set the position of the contact wire.