Generic railway track (Photo Martin Winkler from Pixabay)

INTERNATIONAL: Rail gearbox supplier GGT Gmeinder Getriebetechnik and industrial internet of things company Stimio have worked together to produce a gearbox oil monitoring sensor with connectivity to support predictive maintenance.

Gmeinder’s GGT-GearSaverman oil-condition sensor monitors gearbox operating data including metal abrasion, temperature, oil quality, relative humidity and oil level, helping to determine when an oil change will be needed. It can be mounted in nearly any gearbox from any manufacturer.

Connectivity is provided through Stimio’s Railnet railway-certified IoT gateway, which is widespread use with SNCF. This can collect and transmit data from up to eight GGT-GearSaver sensors, with information processed by GGT and made available to customers via Stimio’s Oxygen cloud platform which provides insights, maintenance recommendations and action prescriptions.

‘By combining our sensor technology with Stimio’s hardware and digital expertise, we bring value to our customers and help them to lower the total cost of ownership for railway gearboxes’, said Gmeinder CEO Dr Wolfgang Fischer.