FINLAND: Cargotec company Hiab has launched a series of rail-specific loader cranes with its SPACEevo control system, building on its products for the road market. The Hiab iX 122 RAIL is to be launched at the IAA show in Hannover on September 20-25.

The range is designed to comply with railway regulations and rail infrastructure companies’ requirements for heavy lifting operations. Cranes can be customised to meet the EN15476, EN143033, EN50128 and EN13849 standards, and options include earth bonding, and adjacent track and height limitation.

The basic eight cranes range from smaller units for track maintenance to much larger models for the heaviest lifting needed.

‘Using our experience of on-road load handling, we can now offer the same reliability, advanced features and safety that our truck mounted loader cranes are famous for to the railway industry’, said Marcel Boxem, Hiab’s Director of Global Product Management for Loader Cranes Heavy & Super Heavy.

‘Our extensive offering provides railway customers with a greater choice and the possibility to select the best solution for them.’