A&O Hostels booking app

GERMANY: A&O Hostels is using Vesputi’s Mobilitybox platform to sell train and bus tickets alongside room bookings on its app and website, removing the need for travellers to register for and use external platforms.

‘With the integrated ticketing, we offer our guests a convenient and sustainable alternative to the car’, said Phillip Winter, Chief Marketing Officer at A&O Hostels.

The budget accommodation chain said selling transport tickets used to be too complex and expensive to be practical, but b2b technology company Vesputi provides a solution by handling the partnerships with transport operators.

Single and day tickets can currently be bought for the Köln and Bonn areas, and expansion across Europe is planned.

Linus Frank, founder and Managing Director of Vesputi, said ‘we are very pleased to be developing a technological bridge between the public transport world and German and European companies in order to inspire new customer groups for public transport. With A&O Hostels, we have gained one of the most innovative companies in the travel industry as a partner. The goal of making travel more sustainable unites us.’