BRAKES: Federal-Mogul Motorparts expects to obtain full approval for the commercial use of its Jurid composite friction material for wagon brakes by 2017, following extensive testing undertaken by Rail Cargo Group in Austria.

A development of the proven Jurid 816M, the Jurid 822 is compatible with the latest EU legislation covering noise and performance. The previous design was restricted to applications with brake blocks acting on opposite sides of the wheel, but the Jurid 822 can be used with single-sided 1Bgu braking arrangements where there are two blocks both acting in tandem on the same side of the wheel.

‘Following extensive in-house R&D, the Jurid team has optimised the shape of the block-to-wheel contact area to improve performance, reduce noise, vibration, and harshness levels and offer improved lifespan,’ according to Gernot Kasper, Director Global Rail & Industry. ‘During extensive trials in a controlled dynamometer environment, Jurid 822 also provided significantly improved performance results when compared with leading competitors. Compared to Jurid 816M, the overall weight of the 822 block has also been reduced without negatively impacting durability, optimising the marginal gains in every technical area.’

  • Federal-Mogul Motorparts will present its portfolio of railway braking products at InnoTrans 2016.