Belam Cepton level crossing lidar

LEVEL CROSSING: Silicon Valley-based lidar technology company Cepton and Lithuanian system integrator Belam are working together on obstacle detection systems for level crossings.

Belam Cepton level crossing lidar area

After testing various types of sensor, Belam concluded that Cepton’s Helius Smart lidar was the most reliable, eliminating false positives and negatives and performing well at night and in various environmental conditions.

An initial deployment has achieved an obstacle detection accuracy of over 99·9%. This enabled the level crossing to achieve a higher safety rating, permitting trains to pass at almost twice the previous speed and removing the requirement for stop signs on the road.

‘The combination of Cepton’s field-tested sensors and advanced perception software provided reliable and accurate real-time analytics’, said Aleksandras Zidokas, Business Director at Belam. ‘Our partnership with Cepton has helped us demonstrate the tremendous potential of lidar technology in smart transportation infrastructure. In addition to making level crossings safer for road users, our lidar-enabled system also brought about marked improvement in the traffic flow.’