Bombardier is to supply 775 metro cars to San Francisco’s BART.

CABLE: A Spectrum Technologies high speed UV laser wire mark, measure and cut system is being installed at Bombardier Transportation’s plant at Huehuetoca in Mexico where it is to manufacture components for the 775 metro cars it is supplying to San Francisco’s BART.

Spectrum’s Nova system was developed for the aerospace industry, where it is used to mark wire identification codes directly onto the surface of the insulation. The UV laser reacts with the insulation material to produce a permanent, high quality, non-damaging mark along their whole length.

According to Spectrum, the traditional method of wire identification using pre-marked heat shrink plastic sleeves placed over the wire ends adds significant weight and cost; the 775 cars for BART will require 6000 km of cable.

Spectrum CEO Dr Peter Dickinson said the first order from the rail sector is ‘a pivotal contract’ for the company. ‘It has been clear to us for some time that the rail sector could also benefit significantly from the transfer of our innovative technology from the aerospace sector.