UK: Network Rail has installed Goodlight LED lighting supplied by LED Eco Lights on the 18 platforms and concourse at London Liverpool Street station.

‘We decided to move to LED lighting to reduce our carbon output, reduce costs in terms of power consumption and to improve the lighting level and quality in public areas’, explained Works Delivery Manager Adam Thackeray. ‘The opportunity to reduce costs for lamp replacement by moving from a two-year to a five-year cycle was also a significant consideration.’

More than 3 500 lights were replaced over six months by two teams of two operatives working from scissor lifts during the 5 h slots each night when the station is closed

The Goodlight LED lamps can easily be retrofitted into the existing fittings, and run at a lower temperature. Thackeray estimates that the new LED lighting uses about half the energy of the old lights, and will pay for itself in just 12-18 months.