SWITCHES: Lütze Transportation has added four relay modules to its Microcompact series, suitable for safety-critical on-board circuits operating at 24, 36, 72 or 110 V DC.

Just 17·5 mm wide to fit in restricted spaces, the relays have up to four sets of positively-driven contacts. The relays are designed for switching small to medium loads, such as door controls, vehicle couplings, brakes or traction interlocks, as well as driver vigilance devices, ATP and radio remote control.

Meeting current EN standards, for an operating temperature range from -40°C to +70°C, the relays are available with three or four circuits, and can be used as a substitute for electro-mechanical contactors.

At the upper end of the power range, Lütze has also launched a solid-state relay for switching inductive and ohmic loads up to 7 A. Enclosed in a PC-ABS housing to meet fire protection standards, this is specifically designed for use with 110 V DC batteries, where conventional mechanical relays can only cope with an inductive load of around 0·2 A. The 12·5 mm wide relay is available for control voltages of 24 V or 72 V.