Dutch infrastructure manager ProRail has appointed Strukton to design monitoring equipment to verifiy that its ATB Vv train protection systems are functioning. Developed to a tight timescale, the technology is similar to Strukton's microPOSS data loggers used for monitoring turnouts.

Alcoa Fastening Systems has introduced the Huck 360 two-piece lockbolt for track applications. The gap around the crest of the bolt is filled, ensuring the thread flanks are locked, transverse vibrations are prevented and the bolt remains in place even under high loads.

ZTR's locomotive axle generator can fit on all Timken bearings and has a low-profile design to avoid impact damage. The pulse per revolution signal is programmable to replace virtually any older unit, while encapsulated electronics are intended to make it more reliable than previous options.

Röchling Sustaplast offers extruded polyamide 6 polymer products for rolling stock which meet European fire safety standards in force since August.