SECURITY: RazorSecure has launched a new Security Gateway which has been developed specifically to mitigate the risk of cyber attacks on railway infrastructure or rolling stock data networks.

Compliant with the EN62443 and TS50701 standards for rail cybersecurity, the Security Gateway can separate critical networks and analyse traffic in real time to prevent unauthorised network access, ensure all network communication is controlled and permitted, aggregate cybersecurity data for fleet monitoring in real time, and maintain a consistent security profile for the entire life of assets.

The gateway is fully configurable for use with a range of different virtual machines to identify, detect and respond to new threats. A flexible design is intended to allow for the deployment of future technologies and protocols.

‘The rail industry is taking the issue of detecting cyber intrusion extremely seriously since the consequences of a hacking incident could be catastrophic’, explained RazorSecure CEO Alex Cowan. ‘Historically, the demarcation between critical networks and for instance passenger wi-fi networks has been blurred. Security Gateway has been built to address this issue, delivering management control to rail operators and manufacturers that is simple to deploy and operate.’