MONITORING: Barnbrook Systems has won a significant order to supply its BlueCube multipurpose sensor, data logging and analytical technology to a UK train operator, which will use BlueCube to provide real-time remote monitoring of the performance of on-board equipment. Two leasing companies are also deploying BlueCube.

The train operator is using the sensors to monitor temperatures inside the air-conditioned passenger saloons of diesel multiple-units, and also the outside ambient temperatures. This provides accurate information which can be used to assess the performance of newly-fitted air-conditioning units. Sensors are also fitted to the DMUs’ engines, providing the operator with detailed information about the impact on engine performance of the air-conditioning units’ power consumption.

The sensors and data loggers are multipurpose, enabling operators to move them around and add and remove sensors to suit varying needs, and can be installed permanently or just fitted for short periods. Data is sent in real-time to Barnbrook’s office as well the operator’s depots. Analytical software can highlight any abnormal conditions, with red, amber and green colour-coded indicators so that depot staff need only need to focus on red warnings. The drag-and-drop interface can be customised while live, so staff can choose to see only the information they need and ignore everything else.