The Rail Innovation Group

The Rail Innovation Group

The rail industry is complex. We don’t believe that tech innovators should be expected to understand & overcome the industry’s structure & varied processes to develop new products & solutions.

There is a pool of rail professionals & small companies who have successfully navigated the industry’s barriers to deliver past & future projects. With their experience, network & knowledge of how the rail industry works, we can help tech companies in their early steps into the industry.

There’s always a risk that people within in established industries start to think that ‘Innovation’ is being done to them not for them. The role of organisations & communities such as The Rail Innovation Group is to build an understanding of how new tech can be an enabler to offer a better service & to bring the industry along the journey – that’s why we focus on bringing people together at our events: to facilitate knowledge sharing, network building & understanding.

  • The future of passenger rail - Rail Innovation Group

    The future of passenger rail

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    We consider the future of passenger rail in the 2020s. There can be little doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has shaken faith in public transport, but rail remains fundamentally attractive for its ability to move people efficiently with minimal land take and an extremely low carbon footprint. This discussion will assess the outlook for passenger operators and how they might adjust to a ‘new normal’.