USA: Amtrak has issued a request for proposals for either the supply of 50 to 75 ‘next generation’ diesel-electric locomotives or the rebuilding of existing General Electric P42 locomotives with AC traction equipment. There would be options to buy or rebuild further locomotives.

The new or rebuilt locomotives would primarily replace the P40 and P42 locomotives some of which have been in service for more than 25 years. Amtrak is also planning to enter into a multi-year maintenance support, spares and supply agreement.

‘Our diesel locomotive fleet is nearing the end of life expectancy and we must act now to modernise Amtrak for the future’, said President & CEO Richard Anderson on June 1. ‘We expect that any new, state-of-the art locomotive will offer improved reliability, a smoother ride, improved safety features and make major contributions towards lowering emissions and we’ll also consider how rebuilding options of the current fleet could achieve these goals.’