Berner Oberland-Bahnen impression of Stadler EMUs

SWITZERLAND: Berner Oberland-Bahnen has announced a SFr66m order for six Stadler ABeh 4/8 three-car electric multiple units to enter service in winter 2025-26.

The order will enable a 15-min headway service to be provided at the proposed Matten station between Interlaken Ost and Wilderswil, where a large park-and-ride site is planned to help remove traffic from local roads in the Lütschinen valleys.

The EMUs will also enable all services to be operated using low-floor trainsets.

The 1 000 mm gauge 1·5 kV DC EMUs will be similar to the Stadler ABDeh 8/8 units in service since 2017, with the commonalities simplifying maintenance. Changes will include air-conditioning and new door systems with sliding steps.

They will have 140 seats, and space from pushchairs, bicycles, skis and snowboards.