UK: The coaches which CAF is building in Spain for use on Caledonian Sleeper trains between Scotland and London are expected to begin entering passenger service during October, the operator said after the first five vehicles arrived in the UK on January 15. The new stock will initially be used on the Lowlander route between London and Glasgow/Edinburgh.

The 75 coaches ordered from CAF at a cost of more than £100m will be the first sleeper vehicles to be introduced to the UK for more than 35 years.

Caledonian Sleeper plans to offer Comfort Seats starting from £45, Classic Rooms (twin or single) from £85 per person, Club Rooms (en-suite twin or single) Club Rooms from £125 per person and Suites (double bed with en-suite) Club Rooms from £200 per person. Features will include a hotel-style key card entry system, charging panels and wi-fi. Classic, Club and Suite accommodation will also be available as fully accessible rooms for passengers with reduced mobility. Passengers booking a room will be guaranteed solo occupancy unless they choose to share with a partner.

Pricing and accommodation options for the current trains will remain in place until new trains are introduced in October, with transitional pricing then coming into effect on the Highlander route.

‘We believe the new Caledonian Sleeper trains will truly set a new standard in overnight travel and we have worked closely with Transport Scotland on their development since taking over the franchise in 2015’, said Peter Strachan, Chairman, Serco Caledonian Sleeper. ‘The sleeper is known throughout the UK as a great way to travel and it is our intention to improve on every aspect of that journey, while offering great value for money for our guests.’