Rail Cargo Hungaria CRRC electric-battery shunter

HUNGARY: The first of two electric-battery shunting locomotives developed by CRRC Zhuzhou for Rail Cargo Hungaria has been delivered for testing, approval and commissioning.

Rail Cargo Hungaria currently uses diesel locomotives owned by MÁV-Start for shunting. In an effort to reduce its costs and emissions, in September 2019 the freight operator awarded CRRC a contract to supply two electric-battery shunting locomotives and two 5·6 MW four-axle main line electric locos. These have been designed and manufactured at the supplier’s own expense, with RCH to lease the locomotives for four years in a deal which includes full maintenance.

The agreement runs for an initial four years, and RCH has options to then extend the lease or buy the locomotives if it is satisfied with their performance, and to place an order for a further 20 of each type.

The shunting locomotive weighs 74 tonnes and has a lithium-titanate battery. It has a 850 kW rating using overhead electrification and 350 kW on battery power. It is designed to haul an 800 tonne freight train for 85 min at a maximum speed of 20 km/h only using battery power.

Revenue operations in freight yards and at industrial sites is planned for the second half of 2022.