Norske Tog Stadler Flirt electro-diesel (5)

NORWAY: A ceremony to mark the handover of the first of 14 electro-diesel Flirt multiple-units being built by Stadler for use by SJ Nord was hosted by the manufacturer, national rolling stock owner Norske Tog and the future operator on September 1.

Norske Tog Stadler Flirt electro-diesel (3)

Designated Class BM76, the 14 five-car trainsets were ordered as part of a framework agreement for 150 Flirt multiple-units. The remainder will be conventional EMUs for 15 kV 16·7 Hz operation.

Norske Tog Stadler Flirt electro-diesel (4)

The bimode units are due to be deployed from mid-October on the Trønderbanen regional route linking Lundamo and Melhus with Trondheim and Steinkjer. From autumn 2022 they will also replace older Class 92 diesel multiple-units on the lengthy Rørosbanen between Trondheim and Hamar. Both services are operated by SJ Nord as part of the Trafikkpakke 2 contract awarded in June 2019.

The traction module in the electro-diesel units incorporates provision for future conversion to electric-only or battery-electric operation. The Lundamo – Trondheim section of the Trønderbanen is already electrified, and wiring of the Trondheim – Hell – Stjørdal section is due to be completed by 2023-24.