dk DSB Siemens Vectron

DENMARK: National passenger operator DSB has signed a €400m green loan agreement with the Nordic Investment Bank to finance the acquisition of electric trains in 2020-25.

The 15-year loan will contribute towards the acquisition of 42 Siemens Mobility Vectron electric locomotives, more than 100 EMUs and new coaches, plus three depots as part of a 10-year programme to update the fleet and become CO2 neutral by 2030.

‘The investment is a significant step towards realising the Danish government’s carbon emission policy, and is a response to the expected increase in the number of passengers using public transport in the coming years’, said NIB President & CEO Henrik Normann on November 10. ‘Better connectivity and more efficient service will contribute to the sustainable transition of rail transport in the future.’

‘The upgrade of the Danish train fleet delivers a significant contribution to the green agenda’, said DSB CEO Flemming Jensen. ‘The investment is sizeable and will take place over a number of years. On this basis, DSB is pleased with the co-operation and the trust NIB shows DSB by providing long-term financing for green investments. It is very satisfying to get recognition for our initiatives and investments in environment-friendly passenger transport, and that we can obtain financing from a very trustworthy source.’

Travelling on DSB’s current inter-city trains produces four to five times less CO2 than using a diesel or petrol car and also avoids road congestion, Jensen said, adding ‘we must maintain and expand that competitive advantage.’