Siemens Mobility hydrogen Mireo impression

GERMANY: Niederbarnimer Eisenbahn has awarded Siemens Mobility a contract to supply and support six hydrogen fuel cell-powered multiple-units for use on Heidekrautbahn service RB27 to the north of Berlin.

Delivery is scheduled by the end of September 2024, for operation from the December 2024 timetable change. The support contract runs to the December 2034 timetable change. The trains will operate on the current Y-shaped Heidekrautbahn network, and on the route between Basdorf and Wilhelmsruh which is to be reopened in 2024.

The hydrogen project is being undertaken by Niederbarnimer Eisenbahn, energy company ENERTRAG and the Barnim district council with the aim of developing a hydrogen ecosystem for the area, including production using green energy. The project is backed by €25m of funding from the federal Ministry for Digital & Transport. Siemens Mobility told Railway Gazette International it was a ‘very interesting and innovative tender’.

NEB’s requirements include the ability to operate at up to 120 km/h and with up to three sets in multiple. The trains will have around 140 seats, real-time passenger information, wi-fi and air-conditioning. There are options to order up to three more trainsets.