UWC timber flat car

RUSSIA: Leasing company Dessa has ordered a further batch of timber wagons from United Wagon Co. They are scheduled to be delivered by end of May, and will be leased to Sodex.

The Type 13-6895 has a capacity of 72∙5 tonnes or 155 m3, which is up to 40% higher than comparable types while remaining within a loading length of 18 850 mm and eligible for short wheelbase tariffs. This is achieved through the use of Type 18-9855 bogies with a 25 tonne axleload and by minimising unused space.

The order takes Dessa’s fleet of wagons produced at UWC’s Tikhvin plant to 65.

‘The rolling stock leasing market anticipates tough times ahead, and the drop in demand for universal cars is already being felt’, said Dessa CEO Vyacheslav Pogudin on April 22. ‘In spite of this, however, specialised fleets are emerging as a promising segment, primarily on bogies with a 25 tonne axleload.

‘There are several wagon building companies currently producing innovative models. We began our co-operation with UWC in 2017, and so we are well acquainted with the new generation Tikhvin-produced cars. The same goes for our customers.’