HZPP Koncar DMU (Photo: Toma Bacic)

CROATIA: National passenger operator HŽPP has placed a firm order for a further seven Končar diesel multiple-units.

The three-car low-floor diesel-electric units with a maximum speed of 120 km/h will be identical to existing ones, with a capacity of 167 seated and 175 standing passengers.

The order is being financed with €31m loan from Eurofima. The first DMU is scheduled to be delivered in 24 months.

‘Our goal is to increase the number of passengers, and to ensure better quality and mobility for travellers’, said State Secretary for Railways Alen Gospočić after the contract signing on August 3.

President of the HŽPP management board Željko Ukić said the DMUs would improve service quality on non-electrified routes, reduce emissions and bring lower operating costs.

He said 63% of the lines in Croatia are not electrified, and further orders are planned as part of the Operational Programme for Competitiveness & Cohesion 2021-27, along with depot modernisation work.

HŽPP Končar multiple-units
Class Type Traction Number Delivery
6112-0 regional EMU 17 2011-22
6112-1 suburban EMU 17 2011-21
6112-2 suburban EMU 11 on order
6112-3 regional EMU 10 on order
7023-0 regional DMU 12 5 2016–20, plus 7 on order