LATVIA: Škoda Vagonka has replaced Talgo as the preferred bidder for a contract to supply 32 electric multiple-units, Rodžers Jānis Grigulis, CEO of national passenger operator Pasažieru Vilciens, announced on February 15.

The procurement process was launched in September 2015, and in 2017 CAF, Škoda Vagonka, Stadler and Talgo were shortlisted.

Talgo was named preferred bidder on November 21 2018, with Grigulis saying its €225m bid was €20m less than the next lowest offer when assessed over the expected 35 year service life of the trainsets, taking into account maintenance and energy costs.

CAF and Škoda Vagonka then lodged appeals with procurement monitoring agency IUB, whch blocked the formal award of the contract.

Talgo is now expected to appeal against the latest decision, once again preventing the award of a contract.