Ural Locomotives has begun production of a ‘premium’ version of the Lastochka electric multiple-unit family.

RUSSIA: The Ural Locomotives joint venture of Siemens and Sinara Group formally launched production of a ‘premium’ version of the Lastochka electric multiple-unit family at its factory in Yekaterinburg on July 9.

The Lastochka Premium EMUs will be based on the Lastochka (Desiro RUS) units which are currently produced at the Ural Locomotives plant, but with interior changes to make them more suitable for longer-distance routes of around 200 km. There will be more comfortable seats, toilets in every car, power sockets and wi-fi. They will also incorporate a higher proportion of domestically produced components than previous Lastochka EMUs.

  • Sinara and Siemens have also signed a memorandum of understanding for the potential production of Sapsan (Velaro RUS) high speed trains in Russia. Russian Railways’ current Sapsan fleet was supplied from Germany. ‘In its first five years of operation, Ural Locomotives has became synonymous with advanced technology and progress’, said Dietrich Möller, President of Siemens Russia & Central Asia, ‘Today's memorandum will become a new starting point in our co-operation in the field of high speed trains’.