SPAIN: A firm order for a further 15 Talgo Avril high speed trainsets was approved by the RENFE board on May 31.

They will have gauge-changing equipment to enable them to operate on 1 668 mm routes as well as 1 435 mm gauge lines, and will be equipped for use under three electrification systems.

The order is being placed as an option on a €786·5m contract for 15 of the 330 km/h trainsets which was awarded to Talgo in November 2016.

The latest order is worth €242·7m, plus €252·3m for 30 years of maintenance by a joint venture of RENFE’s rolling stock maintenance business and Talgo. RENFE has the right to undertake certain heavy maintenance activities in-house. The manufacturer will offer a five-year warranty period and must provide a high level of fleet availability.

Under an accelerated delivery schedule, the gauge-changing trainsets are due to be introduced during the first half of 2020.