Siemens has launched the Smartron electric locomotive.

GERMANY: Siemens has launched the Smartron electric locomotive, a version of its successful Vectron modular locomotive family which is intended to provide German freight operators with faster delivery times and a lower price through the use of a standard configuration.

Smartron offers ‘one standard version, one standard contract, one standard price’, explained Sabrina Soussan, CEO Siemens’ Mobility Division on March 1. ‘We're offering our customers a powerful and reliable locomotive that is configured for specific operations, making possible a simple purchase process.’

The 15 kV 16 Hz Smartron is rated at 5·6 MW, has a maximum speed of 140 km/h, weighs 83 tonnes and is equipped with the PZB/LZB train protection system. It will be delivered in a standard Capri Blue livery

Approval for operation in Germany has been obtained, and the first Smartron locomotive is now available for testing. Orders can be placed for delivery from late 2018.

Siemens currently has no plans to offer preconfigured locomotives for other countries.