Koralm tunnel

AUSTRIA: ÖBB Infrastruktur has awarded Stadler a framework contract for the supply of up to 20 fire-fighting and rescue trains worth €240m, with a €60m firm order for an initial five to enter service by mid-2024.

The trains will be used to respond to emergencies in the Koralm, Semmering and Brenner base tunnels, and to replace ÖBB’s first generation of fire-fighting and rescue vehicles.

Each three-car train will be 66·5 m long, including a powered low-floor control car and a 45 000 litre capacity water car. They will have a 56 seats and the ability to carry up to 300 seated and standing people during a rescue.

They will be equipped for electric, diesel or battery power, with a maximum speed of 160 km/h and the ability to run on the entire ÖBB network.

‘Our many years of experience with tailor-made vehicles involving a wide variety of drive concepts will help us to produce these technically demanding trains’, said Stadler Sales Manager Dr Ansgar Brockmeyer on Janaury 14. ‘This experience is a unique advantage for Stadler.’