BB 75445 and TGV M 1003 (Photo: Romain Vergnères)

Photos: Romain Vergnères

FRANCE: Power cars from the first of the TGM M trainsets ordered under SNCF’s TGV of the Future programme, branded Avelia Horizon by the manufacturer, have been transported from Alstom’s Belfort factory to La Rochelle.

TGV M 1003 power car 22003 (Photo: Romain Vergnères)

Photos: Romain Vergnères

The power cars are 4 m shorter than TGV Duplex power cars, saving 8 m per trainset and enabling the incorporation of an additional intermediate car to increase capacity.

The double-deck trainsets are expected to be 20% more energy efficient than their predecessors, thanks to improved aerodynamics and traction equipment and regenerative braking. The purchase costs are 20% lower and maintenance costs are expected to be 30% lower.

The first TGV M sets are scheduled to enter service in 2024.