Tobu Railway Hitachi N100 impression

JAPAN: Tobu Railway has awarded Hitachi Rail a contract to supply 24 six-car N100 six-car electric multiple-units with 212 seats, private compartments, lounge areas and a bar.

The aluminium-bodied 1 067 mm gauge units from the manufacturer’s A Train family are to be produced at the Kasado plant, and are expected to enter service from 2023.

They will be used on limited express services on the 95 km Tōbu-Dōbutsu-Kōen – Tōbu Nikkō line, the 16 km Tobu Kinugawa line from Shimo-Imaichi to Shin-Fujiwara, and the 41 km Skytree line from Asakusa to Tōbu-Dōbutsu-Kōen.

The order signed on November 11 is the first which Tobu Railway has awarded to Hitachi since the delivery of the Series 60000 commuter units in 2013.